A City of Magic Carpets

A City of Magic Carpets is an exhibition exploring an imaginative place between interior and exterior landscapes through the language of painting, textiles, and tactile materials. Motifs of nature, fashion, and objects found within interior spaces are references used to reinvent ways of seeing material and the weight it carries. A City of Magic Carpets explores the nuances of materiality through its relation with the human body and its figurative connection with surrounding landscapes.

Drawing inspiration from the audio poem, The Bristol Project by Vito Acconci, this work examines a parallel connection of imagery and non-fictional worlds intersecting one another into abstractions and visual metaphors. The line, “Now it's the land itself here who is a body, a body of land, it's the water itself that's a body of water,” expresses the notion of imagery we understand outside of its common context. Like Acconci’s word play, the textile paintings found in this work are constantly reinterpreted and reimagined outside of it’s ordinary function. 

Through the use of camouflage textiles, floral embroidery imagery and thermal mylar blankets, A City of Magic Carpets opens a metaphysical dialogue to dissolve and reexamine our understanding of landscape. The way the material transcends past it’s psychological associations, gives new perspective on how one can interpret the concept of landscape outside of the common human experience.

*** Link to Poem by Vito Acconci

A City of Magic Carpets is the first inaugural contemporary exhibition presented at the North and South Galleries of Baltimore City Hall in October 2018

Erick A Benitez_Body Swimming Out into the Water_Acrylic, embroidery, camouflage ratchet straps and netting on stretched thermal mylar_2018_$1,500 22.jpg
BB Talk_11.jpg
Erick A Benitez_It's the land, here, that's a body, a body of land_Oil on streched camouflage fabric, curtains and metal rod_2018_$2,500.jpg
Erick A Benitez_Will o' the Wisp_ Camoflauge net mounted on streched thermal mylar and steel chain_2018_$1,200.jpg
Erick A Benitez_Praeteritum (Saeta)_Artificial leaves, camouflage straps, sand, collage, spray paint and oil on wood_2018_$1,700.jpg