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Rimway Wayarawen

"Rimway Wayrawen" (An Offering to the Wind), 2016

Light and Sound Installation: piano harp, brass rods, cinder blocks, fish line, baby shark, industrial fan, gold leaf, custom color light, and amplifier.

56 x 85 x 82

This work was originally inspired by a few experiences that took place in Cuzco, Peru with the Andean indigenous community. In many Andean traditions, it is common for nature to have an important role in spiritual practices, such as creating offerings with everyday objects as way to honor and thank "La Pachamama" (meaning mother earth in the language of Quechua) and its many gifts such as the elements. Within these practices, it is also recognized that nature has an intelligence and voice of its own. In response, I created this sound and light installation from all found objects as my interpretation of an offering to the wind. This sound piece is also designed to create sound from the use of the fan blowing air towards nails and screws that hit at random instances the different strings of the piano harp installed. Removing the individual the instruments itself and letting the air create its own music.


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Rimway Wayarawen (Offering to the Wind)