Monday June 3rd - Iquitos Peru

I woke up minutes before a loud knock at my door. In confusion I distinctly recognized the voice calling for me. It was El Don with his soft raspy voice. I yelled be there in a minute as I rushed to throw on. some paints on. I came to the window. I saw El down outside my apartment with his long rubber boats , shorts, and navy blue shirt standing next to his motor-taxi. I told give a couple of minutes and I’ll be out soon. I grabbed my camouflage small bag with my field recorder, keys, phone, and wallet. I stepped outside and greeted him, Hey said “ Que tal la comida a noche” (how was your food from last night), I said too filing, I could barely finish it. He chuckles and says good. He said, what’s the plan. In a slightly frustrated and disappointed tone, I said well things got complicated for me. I explained to him about my camera troubles and mention that I might have to go back to Lima to fix my camera. He said he knew a place that might be able to help. We made our way to central commerce area. We pulled into a warehouse looking shop that had laundry machines, tvs and other items for sell. He stepped ahead and asked around for someone working with cameras. Finally we ended up talking to a man about fixing cameras, instead he was trying to sell me the small digital cameras they had on display. We went around the side to another room and asked the same question. The man that greeted us said he didn’t work with Canon but we should go to Bermudez Cuadra 6. Ten minutes later we ended up at the place we were told to go and the receptionist told us the man with the cameras was out and we should come back tomorrow.