The Art+Is(t) Being: Anamorphosis is a performance examining the concept of artistry in relation to modern society in the physical and digital realms. This performance culminates into a metamorphosis, expressing the transformation of a creative vision, but also creating a dialogue about what it means to be an artist and the transcendence of a creator. From the layers of identity a creative being arises. This piece challenges perceptions, such as proposing the questions “whose view is whose?” and “what does it mean to be an artist?” It aims to express a perceptual relationship the artist has with the world, ultimately asking the question who is the one watching and who is the one engaging. The viewer has a lens to experience the duality of the artist and the audience and what it means to possess either perspective.

This Performance piece was selected as part of Lab bodies curated partnership with the installation "Who's Watching" by Kevin Blackistone during Artscape festive 2017

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